April has a magic touch! I've been calling her for many years now, be it for a regular "maintenance" massage or to help with a pinched muscle from a workout and every time she makes me feel a million times better! You can't do better than to contact April!

Kenneth Gallagher

April's whole being radiates love, and her hands are pure magic to an aching body.

Chris Woods

I've been going for a few years now and every time I've had issues I always felt better afterwards. Why go elsewhere? They know their stuff.

Daniel Torelli

April is the most caring therapist I have ever known. She has a way of getting to the problem areas when it's not always obvious. I have TMJ (my jaw doesn't track well when I get too stressed) and she knows exactly what to do and there is no discomfort. Sometimes I leave feeling like I am having an out-of-body-experience because her work is so thorough. Her new location is both quiet and convenient.

Marilyn Gillespie

It has been such a joy to have April in my health professional self-help kit! The last time I went for an appointment was to help return my body to optimal function after minor surgery. It is so valuable to have someone who understands the body from different levels. Also I had a nagging pain on my left knee and went away after a massage done by April. So grateful!

Diana Lobaton

Ever since I can remember, I've had fairly moderate back pain. A year or two ago, my sister got me a massage for my birthday. I've been a loyal customer ever since! The massages are great! My back pain feels like it gets less and less noticeable with each visit.   I always see April when I go, and I honestly believe she has the magic hands! It's like having your own personal miracle worker, who is also an amazing person, and your friend.

Adam Urbanek

I've been seeing April on a regular for almost 3 years now! I do a lot of physical work and sports, I have not been affected by any injuries during this time. I used to suffer regularly from minor injuries. I also have more endurance at work! On top of that she's an amazing person to talk to!

Matthew Butcher

April has extraordinary healing hands and beautiful, calming energy. Thank you April for all the work you do!

Marcelle Ishak

 been with April for quite a few years now, on a regular basis. I'm a personal trainer and I have a lot if issues and she has always made me feel better when I leave there. She has a gift and she really knows her stuff. She's always able to address the current issues and release me so that when I leave I do feel a little bit better. Many times I just go in there for a total body work and I feel amazing.

Phyllis Frost

April is absolutely the best! I have been seeing her regularly for the past 2 years. She is so dedicated to your well-being. She always makes me feel at ease and remembers little details about you that make you feel cared for!!

Natasha Stea

I have been going to April for the last 3 years and my body has never been in as good shape as it is today. My initial visit was for a problem that I was having with a bout of sciatica which can be horribly painful which it was in my case. April was able through her skill and experience to reduce the pain initially, and after a few more visits, eliminate it completely. I have been to see April regularly since then for maintenance and tune-ups, and. to ensure that this aging body is running at peak performance!! April is truly a professional and a pleasure to be around, and, I would highly recommend her without even blinking an eye. Thank -you April for everything that you have done to help

Richard Macklan

April is absolutely gifted. The saying is we are "made for this role". She is gifted at her job and the healing internal/external are equally important and April has this gift. Working out is effective when seeing April on a regular basis.. thank you for all that you do..

Karina Lavallee

I am very rough on my body and April always makes sure I am functioning properly. You don't have to tell her where the issues are, she just finds them. I've seen many different therapists and by far, she's the best.

Bryan Podwalski